InRating & Miss Universe Ukraine 2018

InRating beauty industry has been lifted off at the Ukrainian market and become the official partner of the international beauty contest “Miss Universe Ukraine 2018”

The most status-based and large-scale beauty contest concluded a partnership agreement with InRating regarding the use of E-Voting functionality.

Due to the unique functionality of E-Voting platform, it became possible to create a nationwide voting for the nominees of the contest “Miss Universe Ukraine 2018”

InRating has provided a solution for optimization and acceleration of all processes related to screening, casting and voting.

You can already today find the brightest, most beautiful and Top models of Ukraine in InRating platform.

“Miss Universe Ukraine 2018” is not the first contest that have been launched with E-Voting platform. We have provided more than 20 contests with our platform before.

More over, any user of InRating today can create and conduct voting of any issue and direction. The main advantage of E-Voting is transparency, publicity as well as convenient interface functionality.

An InRating team is only gaining momentum and can happily inform you about the forthcoming cooperation with 93 beauty contests from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Information about which we will publish thereby keeping you informed of the latest news.

Join our community today and support the nominees of the international beauty contest “Miss Universe Ukraine 2018”.

Stay tunes!