Welcome to the new world of interaction and communication!

Welcome to the new world of interaction and communication!

Currently, social networks already serve both as a news portal and media data repository as well. In addition, the social networks act as some kind of person’s online identity or virtual passport.

In social networks, one can observe political views of all the society layers being formed, elections of opinion leaders held, trends set, and the social statuses of the given digital community participants determined.

Today, each of us has at least 3-4 social networks and uses 2-3 messengers. To what extent this is convenient, when the speed and the amount of information increases, while the borders between countries are being erased?

People on the InRating.top project used all their experience, competence and knowledge to come to the understanding that today a person needs to be offered one resource. Such a resource must be user-friendly and multilingual (with the presence of the auto-translation services). It should have the services that allow a person communicating, making new acquaintances, establishing contacts and working comfortably within the same resource.

It should be the resource that will give many opportunities for self-fulfillment and communication around the world or monetizing your account. It should be the resource, where downloading any content is possible; the resource that brings the communication between all users to a new level, with the ability to conduct on-line and off-line events.

The InRating.top project team has set a goal to create a truly high quality and popular resource – a social network with a wide range of functions and capabilities, the resource that will unite people by providing them with a fine product.

Long-term and diverse experience and competence of the team and a clear understanding of the existing social networks issues have been implemented and continues to be implemented within the framework of the InRating.top project and same-name social network.

Join the community of real people, as InRating is a social network, where inorganic accounts existence is minimized.

Become a part of the new world without boundaries and barriers.